Badgal Brooky Collection

Badgal Brooky Collection

We’ve partnered up with Bellingham artist and athlete Brooklyn Bell, RockShox, and the Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition (WMBC) for the hottest collab of 2021! A portion of all sale from this collection will be donated to the WMBC for the funding of the Galbraith Parking lot in Bellingham, WA! Brooklyn's artwork stretches across our entire product lineup and shows Galbraith in the rolling hills below and Komo Komo Kulshan (great white watcher) peeking out from above.

"I never really thought I'd be so passionate about fundraising for a parking lot but here we are. The parking lot is such a symbol of how Galbraith is a cornerstone of this town. We need structural change to accommodate for the amount of people who love bikes here. I think what makes Galbraith so special is the community and also the strong female presence on the mountain. I wanted to make sure that the art reflected this femininity and was warm and welcoming to people visiting Galbraith for their first time."

Donation Amounts:

Fenders: $5. //. Frame Keepers: $8. //. RockShox Fork Decals: $6. //. Topcaps: $3.50. //. Water bottles: $4 // Jersey's: 100%!

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