Daytrip Frame Keeper

  • $50.00

Presenting Daytrip - A mind-bending kaleidoscope of color that encompasses a midday blanket-in-the-grass cloud show, complete with billowing cumulus and intoxicatingly vibrant complexion.

Looking for matching suspension decals? Select your suspension here and find the Daytrip artwork in the "GK Designs" folder within the "elements" section of our decal builders.

  • *This is an opaque design, meaning the frame color will not show through*

  • Universal kit designed to fit all bikes and sizes. Comes with 6 easy-to-trim pieces for toptube, downtube, chainstays, and seatstays. Designed to fit XL frames, and is easy to trim down to the desired size.

  • 10 mil guards protect frame from scratches, chips, and shuttle/heal/cable rub.

  • Easy to apply. No water necessary. 

  • Applying to road or gravel bike? Simply narrow pieces to the desired width using scissors or Exacto knife.

  • An affordable way to customize your bike.