Spring Break Jake Artist Series Topcap

  • $13.00
Blue and Blush
Black and Grey

"Spring Break Jake started out as a nickname born of a few wild nights, but eventually evolved into the perfect moniker to capture my artistic aesthetic. While visually I’m inspired by punk rock & all things tropical, ultimately my biggest inspiration comes from trying to make the heavier parts of life feel conquerable. To me, the combo of skulls and beach vibes is my favorite way to showcase the idea that in life, you can’t have the good without the bad, and that while the bad times are hard, they make us appreciate the good times that much more." - Jacob Kenobi, Bend, OR

  • Add a piece of flair to your cockpit for very little monies.

  • High-quality graphics that are UV and scratch-resistant.

  • Universal fit works on most road, mountain and commuter bikes.