Cosmic Dirt Collab Frame Keeper

  • $38.40
  • $48.00


Born in the Pacific Northwest and raised for the trails, the Ground Keeper and Cosmic Dirt universes collided for a truly celestial limited collaboration that is witchy and wonderful. 

Two years ago, Ashley Duffus-Jambor & Heather Kinal set out on a mission to create riding-wear that transcends outdated metrics and develop products made for real people. Their determination lead them to create Cosmic Dirt; a company focused on creating bicycle clothing for all body types. The launch of a Kickstarter project in February 2022 to help fund their first riding pant, the Zodiac, saw a massive public interest in the brand’s philosophy. In less than three hours, the funding goal was surpassed, allowing Cosmic Dirt to begin production not only of the Zodiac Pant but also the Nova Short. While their brand continues to grow every day, this collaboration is only for a limited time, so scoop it up while you can! 

To learn more about Cosmic Dirt and their products, visit their website.

  • Universal kit designed to fit all bikes and sizes. Comes with 6 easy-to-trim pieces for toptube, downtube, chainstays, and seatstays. Designed to fit XL frames, and is easy to trim down to the desired size.

  • 10 mil guards protect frame from scratches, chips, and shuttle/heal/cable rub.

  • Easy to apply. No water necessary - just use a heat gun or hairdryer and follow the instructions on the hangtag. 

  • Applying to road or gravel bike? Simply narrow pieces to the desired width using scissors or Exacto knife.

  • An affordable way to customize your bike.

  • ALWAYS USE HEAT WHEN REMOVING FRAME KEEPER. This will soften the glue and ensure a clean removal.