Artist Series - Nicole Bishopp Fender

  • $24.00

Bellingham designer Nicole Bishopp created “Ocean Galaxy” using the acrylic pour technique on a vinyl record. She works closely with the surf/skate/snowboard industry and has her own product line of leggings, tote bags, pillows, pendants, hoodies, flip flops, hats, and much more.

  • Keeps your face clean and keeps you smiling longer.

  • Keeps dirt, mud and grime out of your fork seals, which will increase time between fork services and can stretch the life of your shock considerably. 

  • Fits most mountain bike wheel size and fork combinations. 

  • Comes with black hook and loop velcro for easy installation and removal.

  • Flexible, lightweight and extremely durable material that's recyclable in most states.

  • Black plastic backside.