Untamed Long Fender (BLEM)

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Colorway Black-White

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During the production process, mistakes happen and blemishes are inevitable.  From wrinkles or bubbles in the UV laminate to misprints and scratches, we like to keep our imperfect products out of the landfills and on your bicycles!

From the depths of the rainy PNW forests emerges the Untamed collection. Inspired by the world's most iconic cats, Untamed is fiercely wild. Tiger, cheetah, and leopard print combine into a cacophony of shapes and colors that is sure to give Lisa Frank a run for her money.

  • Our classic fender just got a lot more coverage! With almost five inches in the front, an additional inch in the rear, and added fork seal coverage, this is the optimal option for those who want max protection from the elements. 
  • Comes with black hook and loop velcro for easy installation and removal. Instructions for installation can be found here.

  • Keeps your face clean and keeps you smiling longer.

  • Keeps dirt, mud and grime out of your fork seals, which will increase time between fork services and can stretch the life of your shock considerably. 

  • Fits most mountain bike wheel size and fork combinations. 

  • Flexible, lightweight and extremely durable material that's recyclable in most states.