SHOP SPOTLIGHT: Flagstaff Bicycle Revolution

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Flagstaff Bicycle Revolution is one of our favorite Flag shops so we sat down and asked them a few questions...


Tell us about your shop.

We have been servicing Flagstaff and the surrounding area since 2009. We started as a service only shop and evolved to where we are now. We are located in Downtown Flag on the historic south side( 3 S. Mikes Pike). We keep a small espresso setup to caffinate our customers. Mountain bikes are our priority and specialty.

What types of bikes do you sell?

Kona, Giant, Santa Cruz, Ibis, Salsa, Liv. Like we said, Primarily mountain stuff, with a little bit of grav grav and some commuters.

Favorite MTB brands?

Bike Yoke because it's engineering perfection. Bloods aka team Sram is our preference. Ground Keeper….wink wink. Handup Gloves.

What are your employees currently obsessed with in the biking world?

We are into loose fast unkept Flagstaff trails, High Roller 2’s, bubble waters, better booch, educating our customer base, and jorts.

What should folks know about riding in your area?

Flagstaff is a dope area to ride a bike! We have loads of trails…estimate 500 miles of single track in town. Nothing is build up, no berms or jumps here. Just miles and miles of sweet single track. Riding season from April-November. June is dust season, and will make rolling friends difficult.
Favorite local trail or trail system?
Sunset, AZT, Rogers Lake, to name a few hits
What GK products do you sell & what’s your favorite?
We sell top caps, fenders, bottles, frame keepers, and fork decals. The fender game is our favorite because its just great personalization that is easy to change with your mood. 

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