The Print House

2435 Strider Lane | Bellingham, WA 98226 (come say hi, M-Th 8-4)


Custom isn't just for pros. Ground Keeper was born from a desire to rid the world of boring bikes and provide riders the tools to do so. By making customization easy and accessible, we're helping riders have a deeper connection to the products they purchase.

From design to manufacturing, all of our products are made at our shop in Bellingham, WA. Keeping production in-house has meant we can create a steady stream of fresh designs and turn-around custom products in just a couple weeks. Our commitment to producing everything within the walls of our Bellingham HQ, using sustainable USA-sourced materials, is also a reflection of our die-hard dedication to quality and community.


The GK seed was planted in the spring of 2017 after setting out to make a small run of fenders for a project and realizing no one could make what we wanted. Minimums for custom fenders were 100, colors were limited, and if you wanted intricate designs… forget about it. So we set out to fill this massive gap in the market and bring rad fenders to all. After months of testing prototypes and printing capabilities, the first generation of Ground Keepers were born in December 2017. Since then, we expanded our capabilities to custom topcaps, frame protection, and most recently, decals.