Dye Hard Fender (BLEM)

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Colorway Charcoal

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During the production process, mistakes happen and blemishes are inevitable.  From wrinkles or bubbles in the UV laminate to misprints and scratches, we like to keep our imperfect products out of the landfills and on your bicycles!

Cool, calm, and collected - Dye Hard is a subdued collection that combines an array of saturated pigments with grungy textures. Available in five color options - Charcoal, Crimson, Ice, Indigo & Honey - there’s a flavor your bike is sure to vibe with.

Looking for matching suspension decals? Select your suspension here and find the Dye Hard artwork in the "GK Designs" section within the Elements tab of our decal builders.

  • Comes with black hook and loop velcro for easy installation and removal. Instructions for installation can be found here.

  • Keeps your face clean and keeps you smiling longer.

  • Added wing protection keeps dirt/mud/dust/grime out of your fork seals and stanchions, increasing time between suspension services and extending the life of your fork.

  • Fits most mountain bike wheel size and fork combinations. Not compatible with reverse arch forks.

  • Flexible, lightweight and extremely durable polyethylene that's made in the USA from energy-conscious manufacturers using sustainable materials.