DECAL install

Decal Install

1. Remove anything that may obstruct decal application. This may include; wheels, frame bags, waterbottlecages, etc.

2. Mark the existing location of the decals using masking tape. We recommend placing the tape on the top and one side to best align application later.

3. Remove the existing decals using your fingernails or a sharp blade at a low angle. If decals are tricky to get off, try applying some gentle heat from a hairdryer or heat gun to soften the adhesive.

4. Clean the application surface. Any cleaning degreaser will do but we recommend using isopropyl alcohol as it cleans the surface and dries the application surface quickly.

5. Apply the new decals. Start by lining up the decal with the tape you set earlier and tacking down along one edge. Move carefully and slowly to the opposite side to prevent bubbles.

6. Remove masking tape and reinstall anything taken off at the beginning.

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