Hailing from the UK, Tom Bunney is now based in the Sea-to-Sky in Canada and works as a freelance Graphic Designer & Illustrator, predominantly in the mountain biking and outdoor industries. His work is heavily inspired by his natural surroundings, as well as the dark imagery of medieval times. Mixed with strong contemporary graphic treatments, it’s fuelled by 80’s heavy metal and a healthy dose of bikes, boards and mountain air. Centering around the macabre and the mysterious, his designs are often based on myths & legends and usually include animals, nature elements, skulls and ancient weaponry, whilst conjuring themes of timeless symbolism. Check out his work.


"Instead of just doing a classic “PNW” design, I wanted to create a theme where you felt like you were down in the undergrowth, really amongst it all, looking up at the towering branches above. A slight change of perspective if you will, to bring us back to our roots and our inherent connection with nature as bike riders." - Tom Bunney, artist."

The design’s focal point is the skull of a cougar being consumed by the forest. I like to think that this animal could be a spirit animal for us as bikers; a creature full of power, hiding away in the woods, flowing through the forests, ready to attack at any given moment. I wanted to also emphasise the theme of life and death and how important it all is to succumb to it all and to the constant rejuvenation of our surroundings, as well as touching on the humbling nature of the flows of life. When one life ends, it gives life to others, and the cycle goes on. The design also includes an alive and prowling mountain lion, perhaps from a different timeline, as well as many bugs, ferns, mushrooms, and leaves and trees."