Calling all artists!

We're excited to announce our first ever design contest! Submit your best designs for a chance to be our next featured artist, where we'll print your work onto a collection of fenders, frame protection and topcaps. Whether you're a seasoned graphic designer or just love to doodle, this is a unique opportunity to present your work to a global audience!

The contest will begin on June 13, 2023 and will close on June 30, 2023. After submissions close, we'll pick the top 10 designs for our guest judge, artist and GK athlete, Jill Kintner to review. We'll also present a people's choice poll on our Instagram story. The winners will be announced the following Thursday, 07/06/2023.

See details and rules below. Submission window closes midnight 06/30/2023

How to Enter

Create your design in our custom fender builder. Keep in mind your design should work across all products, from fenders to frame keepers and everything in between. Here's our vector template if you'd prefer to use that.

Download your design from the custom builder (see this video or the guidelines section for more details)

Upload your design


Grand Prize Award

  • Your design & signature featured as our next Artist Series Collaboration
  • $500 cash
  • 3 complete kits with your winning design

People's Choice Award

  • A complete kit with your People's Choice design


Submission window: 06/13/23 - 6/30/23

  • Submitted artwork/s must be YOUR original work.
  • The artwork can be created using whatever media/software you like, but must be uploaded to the custom fender builder. If you need a design template, you can find them here.
  • Maximum three entries per person.

Instructions for dowloading your design from the custom builder:

  1. Click "Order" on the bottom right of the builder
  2. Click "Prepare For Cart"
  3. A small preview of your design will appear after a few moments. Click on that image to open a new tab with your design.
  4. Save the file to your device and upload to the form below.


  • Keep in mind we're looking for a design that will work on the widest range of bikes and colorways. Jill isn't only looking for something she loves, but something she thinks everyone will!
  • Your design has the potential to be featured on all of our products. Look to create something that could be adapted to fit on a fender, frame protection and topcap.
  • Make sure you submit high resolution artwork. Our builders accept jpgs, pngs and svgs.
  • Browse our product pages to gather inspiration.

Submit your design