Kids "Blank Canvas" Frame Keeper

  • $30.00

A kid-sized version of the 10 mil frame protection the MTB world has come to love! Grab some permanent markers or paint pens and let the imagination ride wild.

  • Universal kit designed to fit all bikes and sizes. Comes with 4 easy-to-trim pieces for toptube, downtube, and chainstays

  • 10 mil guards protect frame from scratches and chips, keeping the bike fresh for the younger siblings!

  • Easy to apply. No water necessary - just use a heat gun or hairdryer and follow the instructions on the hangtag. 

  • Affordable way to let your little shredder customize their bike!

  • We recommend using Permanent Markers or Paint Pens (not included).

  • ALWAYS USE HEAT WHEN REMOVING FRAME KEEPER. This will soften the glue and ensure a clean removal.